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No. 25

MOLOKAI                              $12

A cool refreshing fragrance.  Milky coconut with tart lime. 

No. 1

LAVENDER OAK                  $12

French lavender mixed with woodsy notes of moss, sage, and orange.

lav oak.jpg
white tea.jpg

No. 20

WHITE TEA                             $12

A neutral clean scent.  Top notes of


essential oils including bergamot,


mandarin, and ylang ylang with a hint


of cedar and basil.

No. 18

 WILD GRAPEFRUIT               $12

A fresh and bright sent.  Tart grapefruit with a pinch of peach to sweeten it up.

wild grape.jpg

No. 11

SOUTH HAMPTONS             $12

A light blend of crisp apple, cactus,


melon, aloe, sea salt and bergamot.

south h.jpg

No. 52

BAIES                                        $12

(Pronounced "bays") A bright and fresh mixture of red currant and rose.


No. 17

BORA BORA                            $12

Fresh ripe pineapple blended with passion fruit, mango and kiwi.

bora bora.jpg

No. 11

CITRINE                                     $12

A floral blend of orange blossom, jasmine and gardenia.

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